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“Everything a man does, every achievement, great or small, deep in his heart he hops a woman is going to like what he did.” 

M Hussey, relationship psychologist



Love (or sexual attraction) is the single most powerful emotion in the human psyche. Love can make people do the impossible and do it with a smile in their heart.  But when love goes wrong it can break us harder than any crime.

So if love is so powerful, why does romance fiction still get an unfair reputation for being ‘silly’?

In my opinion, anyone who thinks like that has been reading the wrong books.

As a writer, I love to explore how different men and women react to love. With hope and trust or with doubt and misgiving? Falling in love exposes those secret fears within us that nobody knows. The wonderful thing about fighting for love is how it reveals our best qualities and unleashes inner strength we never knew we had.

These are the stories I love to write.

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