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Welcome to Rosie's page. For romance and chick-lit stories about brave but slightly flawed people trying to overcome impossible odds and find happiness.


A beautiful funny heart-warming love story about daring to dream


Bonus material:
Deleted scenes from Gabriel's point of view plus music playlist, and more

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The English Channel Series

Heart warming feel-good gorgeous love stories set on the lovely La Canette, a feudal island ruled by an aging and grumpy English aristocrat who forbids cars and street lighting anywhere on his island in order to keep the skies dark and the stars and constellations visible.


The beautiful tiny island is filled with unusual wild flowers, and  lively interesting characters you wish you knew in real life. 


About me


I wake up excited. I can't wait to start work.

An hour later, a cup of gorgeous coffee in hand, I go to my desk under a picture window.  I take a quick look at my flower pots on my small balcony and beyond that at the Thames flowing past Chelsea Embankment. Then I sip from my coffee and open my laptop …



I argue with stubborn women, count the bells as Big Ben strikes the hour, undress an army officer and sail a boat up the river Thames.

I have been a mermaid, a teacher, a musician and an orange tree.

I have duelled with vikings and made love in the rain.  All before lunch.

I am a writer

I have the best Job in the world



I'd love to hear from you, on anything

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