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Rose Amberly

Welcome to Rosie's page for romance and chick-lit stories.

Set in gorgeous locations and filled with beautiful, funny

and brave but slightly flawed characters

trying to overcome difficulties and find happiness.

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Available Now


The Secret House of Honey and Hope

After years of failing at everything, Elodie finally has the chance to prove herself and be a success.

But there's more to taking on her grandfather's honey shop than getting creative. She knows nothing about bees, the business is drowning in debt, and the nice man next door hates her.

And if this weren't enough, an old secret threatens to ruin everything. Unless she finds the long buried answers, she might end up failing even worse than before.

"I loved the story – I couldn’t stop reading" 

"Such a lovely story. Gave me goose pimples. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!" 


An Impossible Wishlist

When his brother dies unexpectedly, a grieving Brandon puts his classical music career and glamorous life on hold and tries to fulfil his brother's last wish list. But can he really take a 12-month vow of celibacy? Spend a year in a farmhouse on a tiny island?

​Alice is a young idealist building a career where she can make a difference. When a scandal destroys her life and dream job, she’s forced into hiding. If she can only disappear for a few months until the storm blows over, she can get her life and career back.

La Canette seems the perfect temporary solution for both. Or is it?

In The Press

Available February 2023

About me

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I love writing stories about beautiful places and interesting jobs, but most of all I love writing characters that are funny, smart, wounded, insecure, brave, flawed and wonderful.

To my mind, there is nothing so deserving of respect and admiration as people who overcome difficulties to find happiness.


And for me, happiness is not just an escape to a gorgeous place, not just a great romance. Sure all of these things are wonderful.  But I adore stories where someone turns a new page and finds a the perfect job. Something that helps them discover their hidden talents and a role in life that offers satisfaction and brings them closer to others.


I've loved stories ever since I was a little girl.  So it's no surprise that after so many different jobs, this is the one that makes me happiest.



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