plain jane wanted

The job advert says: Plain Jane wanted. Personal assistant to elderly difficult man on island in the English channel. Must not be attractive.
To heart broken Millie who’s sacrificed her twenties for a cheating husband and lost all her confidence, the opportunity sounds perfect. A tiny island in the middle of nowhere would be an ideal hideaway to lick her wounds.

What she doesn’t expect is a beautiful place that helps restore her health, spirits and dreams. The icing on the cake is falling head over heels for the sexy aristocratic son of the island’s governor. But before Millie can get her happily ever after, she must learn self-reliance, find her hidden strength and become her own fairy Godmother.

A heart-warming love story set in The English Channel. For fans of Debbie Johnson, Sarah Bennet and Heidi Swain.


The Girl with no name

Amagical retelling of The Little Mermaid. Set in 19th Century Europe.

Deep below the ocean, a beautiful mermaid longs to have a role, to matter to someone. But when she falls in love at first sight, things don’t work out as she hoped. her journey takes her through desire, hope, pain and heartbreak before she finds her true self, a name, a role in the world and a man who deserves her.

Part of a collection of nine novelas and short stories all based on classic fairy tales


Coming soon

Stolen love in the Dark ages

Discover this steamy time-travel series set in Anglo Saxon Britain.  Each novelette tells the story of powerless women braving impossible odds and finding love.

Scorching passion in a time of danger, political intrigue and secrecy 


coming soon

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